5 Behaviours You Exhibit That Makes People Hate You

Hey everyone and welcome to TopUps Blog In today’s article, we are going to learn about 5 behaviors you exhibit that make people hate you. If you really want to know why people hate you or don’t pick any interest in you, then I advise you read through this article with proper understanding.

People Hate You

1. Not Being Able To Express Your Emotion: Many People today face this challenge of not being able to express their emotions, they try any way they can to subdue their feelings and put up a fake face like nothing ever borders or excites them. Maybe you meet someone you don’t know for the first time and you don’t know how to express yourself and you feel you will be rejected so you subdue your feeling. What you don’t know is that people really respond to emotional expression. If you really want people to like you, you have to learn how to express your emotion.   

2. Shyness: If you are a shy type you may draw attention away from yourself. Having that shy attitude may make people around you not link with you properly, friendship depends on communication. Stop being shy all the time and learn how to bond with friends.

3. Lying About Yourself: Having to lie about yourself doesn’t really make people like you, because eventually the truth will reveal itself and the friends you must have acquired during your lies and fake life will be long gone.

4. Having Too Much Pride: Being proud of what you have accomplished isn’t a bad thing but throwing it at your friend's face is. You must learn how to control your pride or else you will push friends away.

5. Lack Of Commitment: Nobody I repeat nobody wants to be friends with a non-committer, a non-committer never commits to anything in their life and they will always give nonchalant excuses for why they didn’t show up or why they came so late. To make and keep friends you must learn how to be committed.

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