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5 Simple Steps In Starting A Blog In 2020

I know many people find it hard in starting a blog but in this article, I will show you some of the steps I personally took when I first started. Having said that let’s learn the 5 simple steps in starting a blog in 2020.

Starting A Blog In 2020

1. Just Get started: I know many think about having a lot of money before they get started, yeah having money is important but as a beginner, your focus should be on creating resourceful blog content because that’s what will eventually get an audience and also bring traffic to your blog.

2. Figure Out Your Niche: Finding a good niche is what makes it easier to build your audience because people will continue to click when you post and get the information that you’re giving them.


3. Why Are You Blogging: You should have a purpose or a reason for blogging, for some is to make money online while others are sharing their passion but we all want the money part, for that to happen you have to be consistent and upload more relevant article for you to get there, you have to figure out or have a good reason why you are blogging, that will make you post more content and interact with your audience and most importantly build up followers.

4. Creating Resourceful Blog Content: Ensure your content is going to solve or help your audience in any kind of situation or problems that your readers may have because that’s going to be the number one key factor that keeps them coming back to your blog because they’re looking for a solution.

5. Stay Consistent: Consistency is another major factor because your audience is always expecting something from you if you really want to build that relationship with your audience I advise you to stay consistent and post more articles.

So that's the 5 simple steps in starting a blog in 2020, check out our tips and requirements for Google AdSense Approval.

I hope you find this article helpful to you please leave a comment below to let's know what you think thanks.


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