Tips And Requirements For Google AdSense Approval

Are you having problems getting approval for a Google AdSense Account? Worry no more because today I will be giving you tips and requirements for getting approved by Google AdSense just follows along. 
Google AdSense Approval

1. Understand Google AdSense Program Policies: Before you think of applying for Google AdSense ensure you read and understand the Google AdSense program policies, it servers as a guideline for what and what not to do in getting approved by Google AdSense.

2. Ensure Blog Template Design Is Responsive And Mobile-Friendly: If your blog isn’t responsive or mobile-friendly you won’t get approved for Google AdSense so you must ensure that the template design your using for your blog is responsive and mobile-friendly.

3. Create At-Least 20 - 25 Blog Post: Don’t just rush to applying for Google AdSense without having enough blog post, make sure you create at-least 20 – 25 blog post before applying.

4. Don’t Use Copyright Content: Using copyrighted content on your blog is violating one of Google AdSense policies. Try to come up with your own niche or ideas, take your time, and create something helpful that will benefit others, avoid using copyright content.

5. Your Blog Content Must Be At-least 300 Words: Ensure your blog post content is more than or At least 300 words, don’t rush to create blog content take your time.

6. Generate Important Blog Pages: Creating pages like About Us, Contact Us, Privacy Policy, Terms and Condition, and Disclaimer.

7. Create Social Media Pages: Creating social media pages like Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, etc. it helps in creating traffic and boosting relationship with you and the audience.

8. Buy A Domain Name For Your Blog: Buying a domain name is one of the right steps to take before applying for Google AdSense; I recommend you go for something like

9. Create A Google Analytics Account For Your Blog: Many bloggers today uses Google Analytics to track traffic or visitors to your blog.

10. Setup Google Webmaster Tool For Your Blog: This is the process of submitting your blog sitemap to Google Search Engine so it can be crawled or index.

11. Avoid Third-Party Network Ads: If you want Google AdSense approval, avoid using third party network ads on your blog.

If you’re a WordPress user I recommend you wait 3 – 4 Months before you should apply for Google AdSense, But for Blogger users it might take up to 6 months before you should apply for Google AdSense, Check out our tips for starting up a blog.

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