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7 Tips To Avoid Google AdSense Banned

I know how annoying it is having to see all you worked hard for go to waste, am talking about getting banned from your Google AdSense account! No one really wants that but is really important that you preserve this account even when you’re not really using the Google AdSense platform let’s say you’re using other ad networks to get your ads but Google AdSense approval is required in many cases to run ads from other networks, so in today article we will be looking at 7 Tips To Avoid Google AdSense Banned.  1. Don’t Click On Your Own Ads:  Many people do click on their own ads and it’s really bad because clicking on your ad is a quick way of getting your Google AdSense account banned. What you don’t know is that AdSense network can tell because they can simply look at your IP address and know that you’re the one doing it so just don’t do it but if you maybe do it accidentally don’t freak out what you can do is to submit a support ticket to AdSense telling them you accidentally

5 Questions that’ll Help You Discover your Talent

First of all, what is talent? Talent is an inbuilt potential put in man by God that’s my definition. Many define it as the ability or skill to perform and showcase your gift. I strongly believe that we all have a hidden talent so today we will be looking at 5 questions that'll help you discover your talent. 1. How Did You Spend Your Time As A Child? What is dose thing you find joy doing, what are dose things you love to do all the time is it role-playing, singing or dancing, etc. whatever it is your passionate about that’s your talent. 2. As An Adult What Are You Passionate About? I remember when I start learning how to blog at first I was just doing it for the money I will get out of it but as I learn more and observe more I discovered I was able to help people through my blog, so I started developing a passion for it over time. So that’s how I discovered my passion. 3. What Compliment Do People Give You Most? Sometimes we will be reall