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5 Questions that’ll Help You Discover your Talent

First of all, what is talent? Talent is an inbuilt potential put in man by God that’s my definition. Many define it as the ability or skill to perform and showcase your gift. I strongly believe that we all have a hidden talent so today we will be looking at 5 questions that'll help you discover your talent.

1. How Did You Spend Your Time As A Child?
What is dose thing you find joy doing, what are dose things you love to do all the time is it role-playing, singing or dancing, etc. whatever it is your passionate about that’s your talent.

2. As An Adult What Are You Passionate About?
I remember when I start learning how to blog at first I was just doing it for the money I will get out of it but as I learn more and observe more I discovered I was able to help people through my blog, so I started developing a passion for it over time. So that’s how I discovered my passion.

3. What Compliment Do People Give You Most?
Sometimes we will be really great at something but will don’t realize it, so some of the things you get are comments or compliments from your friends or workmate. Those compliments define what you're capable of doing.

4. What Are You Naturally Good At?
We become naturally good at something but sometimes we don’t see anything special about it you always think that if it was so easy for you it will be easy for everyone but that’s not true, always see worth in what you do not everyone can do what you do maybe is the way you think or your problem-solving IQ that’s your talent.

5. What Activities Makes You Lose Track Of Time?
Am not talking about you playing video games or watching TV shows, am talking about and activities that add value to a person's life or and activities that help solve a problem for people because that’s where your talent is.

So I strongly believe that there is an amazing hidden talent or gift inside you, I believe every one of us is born for a purpose don’t be discouraged, never give up keep surprising people. I’m sure after asking yourself these questions you will be able to discover that amazing talent of yours.

Hope your find this post helpful, please let me know by dropping a comment below, Thanks.


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