7 Tips To Avoid Google AdSense Banned

I know how annoying it is having to see all you worked hard for go to waste, am talking about getting banned from your Google AdSense account! No one really wants that but is really important that you preserve this account even when you’re not really using the Google AdSense platform let’s say you’re using other ad networks to get your ads but Google AdSense approval is required in many cases to run ads from other networks, so in today article we will be looking at 7 Tips To Avoid Google AdSense Banned. 

Google AdSense Banned

1. Don’t Click On Your Own Ads:  Many people do click on their own ads and it’s really bad because clicking on your ad is a quick way of getting your Google AdSense account banned. What you don’t know is that AdSense network can tell because they can simply look at your IP address and know that you’re the one doing it so just don’t do it but if you maybe do it accidentally don’t freak out what you can do is to submit a support ticket to AdSense telling them you accidentally clicked on your ads and you’re not going to do that again.   

2. Don’t Encourage Friends Or Family to Click On Ads: In your content, you should never encourage your friends or family to click on ads, it might take a little time for AdSense to figure out right away but with time if the same people are still clicking on the ads they will surely know, which can lead to Google AdSense banned.

3. Don’t Pay For Fake Traffic: Some people do pay for traffic for example many people after setting up their website or blog they then pay for traffic from Facebook to their website or blog with the idea to make a profit from AdSense, I will advise you not to pay for traffic I prefer organic traffic from Facebook than paid traffic. 

4. Avoid Putting Your Ad Code On Unapproved Places: This used to be okay if you want to put your ad code on any website or place but right now they don’t support that anymore.

5. Don’t Create Multiple AdSense Account: Creating multiple AdSense accounts is a quick way to get banned if you would like to create another blog or website use just one AdSense account.

6. Don’t Place Many Ads On Your Content: Learn how to balance your ads with your content, ensure you don’t use many ads in your page content.

7. Follow AdSense Rule: This is very important just because you passed the requirement for a Google AdSense account doesn’t mean you should violent them let on, violating Google AdSense rules can get you banned.

There are more ways for you to violent Google AdSense policies and get your account banned but these are the common 7 tips you should avoid, don’t try to gain the system try to have content on your site or blog that is helpful.

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