8 Common Sleep Mistakes You Never Knew You Made

Visualize this, after a long day at work you return home and the only thing on your mind is getting a good short eye but you find yourself tossing and turning, trying to find a more relaxing position, and your mind gets occupied with never-ending thought and even though you are worn out sleep keeps escaping you. So in today's article, we will be looking at 8 Common Sleep Mistakes You Never Knew You Made.    

8 Common Sleep Mistakes You Never Knew You Made

1. Eating Heavily Before Bed: Many people ignore the fact that going to bed with a heavy stomach doesn’t only affect your sleep but is also bad for your health and is not only about the size of food you consume but also the time it was taken. When you eat heavy food late for dinner at night you encourage your brain to be active and it also disrupts digestion in the body system which can possibly lead to weight gain and can cause a lot of problems in your stomach. It’s a terrible idea to eat before going right to bed even if your meal is light, your body will still struggle to digest the food. A quick solution to this problem try not to eat anything 2–3 hours before going to bed and if the distressing feeling of hunger doesn’t let you fall asleep I recommend eating fruit it’s better than eating any other thing.  

2. Drinking Water: Seriously drinking water right, you might find this a little strange. The saying is true, our body does need to stay hydrated during the day but stop drinking more water an hour before you hit the bed. Otherwise, you will end up making a couple of trips to the bathroom which will interrupt your sleep. Personally, I find it hard to fall back to sleep the moment am up in the middle of the night, I recommend you drink water 2 hours before bed.

3. Playing With Your Gadgets: Spend much time on your gadgets over-stimulate the brain making it restless and also the screen light release and infamous blue light which stresses the brain and can cause insomnia, I recommend you wear Special Glasses or turning on the Night mood on your devices but the best solution is to Power Down all gadgets an hour before bed.

4. Uncomfortable Mattress: By buying a comfortable mattress your simply investing in your health and bright future, I know it’s very important to save money but not at the expends of your health, if you attempt buying a bad mattress you will be causing yourself more harm than good which would lead to back and neck pains.

5. Using Sleep Aids: Many people today deal with stress and insomnia by using sleep aids. However, there are several reasons why it’s not the best choice for you. Your body will likely cultivate a tolerance to the sleeping aids and very soon they won’t have any effect on you. The next day you feel really tired and sluggish which won’t benefit your productivity and the quality of your sleep will be much worse than it would’ve been if you had fallen asleep naturally. What I usually do that helps me sleep better at night is milk, I drink a glass of milk 2 hours before going to bed and it has been working for me pretty well, you can try it yourself and let me know if it helps in the comment box below.

6. Not Having A Good Sleep Routine: Having a good sleep routine and learning how to stick to it is very important. A good sleep routine will require you to sleep early and also wake up early at the same time every single day. If you don’t have a good sleeping routine it can mess up your bedtime and your day at work. 

7. Wrong Sleeping Position: Wrong sleeping position can lead to a sore back, painful neck, and red-eyed. Expert recommends not sleeping on your stomach the best way to a sleeping position is resting on your back with a pillow supporting your knees or on your side with a pillow between your knees. 

8. Drinking Coffee: Never drink coffee after 6 pm if you want to have a good night's sleep, you should know sleep and coffee can never I mean ever be bulk-mate, coffee is a powerful stimulant that will energize you no matter what. I recommend not drinking coffee after lunch if you want a proper good night's sleep.

Sleep is extremely important for the body; it helps in recharging the body which restores lost energy, boosts the immune system, fends off depression, and decreases the rate of heart disease, lack of proper sleep can lead to stress inability to concentrate, and even high blood pressure. So try your best to avoid the things mentioned in this article if you want a proper bedtime sleep, I promise you will feel way more rested and full of energy every day.