10 Life Skills Every Woman Should Master Before Age 30

As a woman what defines you are the capability to handle yourself in the world today without any support from anyone. There are many life skills every woman should master before age 30 which will be really helpful as you grow older in life, so in today’s article we save you the trouble by compiling a list of 10 of them for you, the item on this list should make you wiser and make your life easier so here are 10 Life Skills Every Woman Should Master Before Age 30.


Life Skills Every Woman Should Master

1. How To Stay In Shape: This may not seem like a skill, but learning how to stay in shape is one of the most important things a woman should master, like I always say your health is your wealth, so you should know how to treat your body right, inside and out, making healthy choices and exercising is not only good for our body it is also good for the mind. Exercising and proper nutrition have great benefit in your body and your overall health and it can make you feel special about yourself. It can also be a self-confident booster knowing you are treating your body to and healthy diet and regular exercise. Working out is a great skill you should master as a woman.

2. Problem Solving Skills: Learning how to make a good decision and finding solutions for your problems is one of the best skills to master as a woman, remaining calm and thinking straight in a stressful situation is a key to solving a problem, remember to always remain calm and to think rationally about your issues and how to fix them and don’t run away from your problems always face your issues as soon as they appear so you can save yourself from the pain later, mastering these problem-solving skills will save you a lot of headaches.

3. Cooking: Not all of us are chef’s but knowing the basic of cooking is by far the most important skills you should master as a woman, being able to cook not only for yourself but for your families, friends and partner is a basic life skill you need to master, am not saying you need to be a top-class chef but knowing your way around the kitchen and how to prepare a simple meal is important.

4. Communication Skill: Whether written or spoken skills communication skill are essential in our day to day life’s, learning how to communicate with people will help you get to where you need to go and since no one is going to do it for you, you should learn it yourself. I know communication is not a skill everyone is naturally born with so you have to practice how to approach people.  

5. How To Budget: This is another skill every woman should master, having knowledge on how to budget and manage your finances is something they don’t teach you in school but is one of the most important aspects of life. If you want to learn how to budget check out this post on 10 Tips And Tricks To Save More Money Monthly. It will totally change your life on how you see budgeting, it will also give you the opportunity to better control your life and the decisions you make.

6. How To Negotiate: Negotiating is a skill many people try to avoid but mastering it could help you save more money and also give you the satisfaction of knowing you made a good and firm purchase. Being able to do small talk and being comfortable to ask for a lower price when negotiating is essential, and remember to always be emotionally balanced when making a deal with someone.

7. Health & Hygiene: Taking good care of yourself should be your top priority, bathing, dressing up, putting on makeup, styling your hair, or doing what you need to do to make you feel clean confident and at your best.

8. Basic First Aid: This might seem odd but not only women should know how to save life everyone should, learning basic lifesaving skills is super important so you always prepared to help someone in need.

9. Basic Sewing: Sewing may come in handy on many occasions; it can be really helpful in terms of fixing a hole in your children's clothes or making your own clothes.

10. Self Defense: This is very important, it doesn’t matter whether you live in a calm environment or not you never know what might happen to you at any time, at one point in your life you will have to defend yourself against harmful situations.

There you have it, Clearly, this is certainly not a comprehensive rundown of every skill a woman should have however on the off chance that you know how to do any of these skills listed here, you are on your way to becoming a great woman. What do you think? I will very much want to hear your thoughts on these and some other skills not mentioned in this article. Tell us in the comments beneath. Thank you for viewing.