3 Best Travel Credit Card In The world

Traveling the world can be very expensive but what if I told you there was a way to travel the world for free, I’m talking about flight, hotels even free food and drinks at airport lounges and that is by using travel credit card reward points and welcome offers. This is the kind of thing that any traveler needs to be on top of, these are also great for people that don’t really have a travel credit card for this kind of use so we will be looking at the pros and the cons of each of these travel credit card as well as who I think they’re best for and today to help you out I’m going to be sharing with you the 3 Best Travel Credit Card In The World.

3 Best Travel Credit Card In The World

1. Chase Sapphire Preferred: This is a superb credit card for beginners if you love to travel and it has a lot of really cool perks, what’s appealing to me as of today is the welcome offer of 60,000 chase ultimate reward points if you spend $4,000 in the first three months and if you make this your everyday credit card indefinitely think that is very doable depending on your spending habits of course but that value is so high using the chase ultimate rewards portal 60,000 points from this card would be the equivalent of spending seven hundred  and fifty dollars on many things including hotels and hotels and another cool perk with chase ultimate rewards is you can transfer them to certain partners one of my favorites is high it you can transfer it at a one to one basis if you transferred six thousand point. There’s also no foreign transaction fees which are very common with most of these travel credit card so swipe this in Dubai or Paris and no guilt no extra fees are going to be applied to your account, you will also get two times the point on dining and travel expenses, the chase sapphire preferred is a travel credit card that is quite useful. There is an annual fee of ninety-five dollars which I think is more than canceled out with that extremely generous 60,000 chase ultimate reward point welcome offer as for the cons I think the biggest is that you don’t get global entry, you don’t get TSA pre-screen you don’t get lounge access. But this is the perfect starter travel credit card.

2. Capital One Venture Rewards: The Capital One Venture Rewards credit card is perfect for somebody who gets confused by all these technical talk about points and where to transfer it, but if you just want to keep things simple this is a great starter travel credit card for you. As of today, you’re looking at a fifty thousand point welcome offer if you spend $3,000 in the first three months also there are no foreign transaction fees no annual fee for the first year it’ll be ninety-five dollars every year after that. Why this travel credit card is so simple is that you could just take the 50,000 point welcome offer and you could use it to cancel out any travel-related purchases in the last 90 days at a one to one ratio so that’s essentially five hundred dollars on whatever travel you want in a 3 month period. It doesn’t end there they also have a really unique partner program with hotels.com where get ten times the points if you book a hotel through their portal and you can get an extra 10% if you join the hotels.com loyalty program so just by utilizing that it is a very unique way to get even more points on regular spending that you make on hotels this travel credit card is an ultimate card for someone who’s a free agent and just wants to spread their points over many different things.

3. Hilton Honors American Express: The Hilton Honors American Express credit card has such a big global reach and if you are a beginner to travel credit card I’m going to recommend this as your hotel card simply because there is no annual fee we’re going to start off with that as the biggest pro of this credit card which is the current welcome offer of 75,000 Hilton point as of today if you spend just one thousand dollars in the first three months that’s a lot of Hilton point especially if you’re going to some of the lower tiers category one and category two, that could be 10 to 12 nights at some really nice hotels  let’s say in Southeast Asia so I think 75,000 Hilton points as a welcome offer for a credit card with no annual fee that immediately stand out to me. No foreign transaction fee and you do get Hilton silver status through this credit card which isn’t too much.

If you love to explore I think this is an amazing way to travel the world absolutely for free with these 3 Best Travel Credit Card In The World, and also check out our post on 10 Common Travel Mistakes You should avoid.