How To Launch A Successful Blog

This article is all about How To Launch A Successful Blog, now you’re probably aware that most bloggers don’t make any money in the lifetime of their blog so am creating this article on How To Launch A Successful Blog to ensure this doesn’t happen to you.

How To Launch A Successful Blog

1.        Pick A Profitable Niche

When you think about picking a niche you really want to think about how much demand exists in that niche. This really goes back to economics 101 the more demand there is for a product which goes back to the supply of the product and the higher the price of that particular product. The same is due for your blog niche as well, so depending on how much demand exists for your blogging niche there will be more opportunities for you to actually make money from that niche and you should keep this in mind when you're picking a niche in the first place.

Now when deciding on your blog niche there are two things you need to keep in mind. Is it something you will be passionate about in other for you to consistently create blog content you must have passion for your blog niche, and also pick a profitable niche.

To make things easier for you I will give you 6 niches which are the most profitable niches.

·  Food niche

·  Health niche

·  Fashion & lifestyle niche

·  Beauty niche

·  Personal finance niche

·  Marketing

Now keep in mind that these are not the only niches that are profitable, of cause there are many other niches that are also profitable but these are some of the niches which have the highest demand which means it might be relatively easy for you to make money blogging with this niches.


2.     Decide On Your Blog Name


In general, the blog name isn’t extremely important when it comes to determining the success of your blog however this is going to be a long-term brand that you put out there, particularly in the event that you intend to be an individual brand blogger.


Now this means that you will have to keep a couple of things in mind when you actually pick your blog name.


·     It should be long lasting

·     It should be relevance

·     It should be memorable

·     Ensure you check if the username is available on social media



3.  Get A Host And Domain

Now the way to think about a host is basically where you house your blog, so for example, if you’re building a house you will need to put it on a set piece of land and this piece of land is the host we a talking about when it comes to your blog. The second thing you also need is a domain that will generally specify your blog name.

They are many platforms you can use in hosting your blog but I recommend using (GodaddyBluehost, or Namecheap).


4.  Pick A Blog Theme

The first time someone interacts with your blog the kind of design they will see on your blog is your blog theme. The good news is that when you use ( or you have access to a lot of free themes you can use on your blog, and you don’t need to pay for them.

And when it comes to paid themes for WordPress I highly recommend these themes

·        Divi

·        Kalium 

·        Newspaper

 For Blogger template websites:

         ·   Templatify

         ·   Raintemplates

         ·   Themeforest

The great things about this website themes are that not only does it look great on a desktop, mobile phone, and tablet which guarantees a great user experience it is also SEO friendly.

Another thing you need to keep in mind when you're setting up a theme is your font type and font size. Now I can imagine you wanting to be really creative and have this cute-looking font, but it might not be really readable.

When you want to pick a font I will recommend you pick a font such as:

·   Lato

·   Roboto

·   Quicksand

·   Helvetica

These fonts are easily identifiable and easy to read, the second thing is to have a font size that is at least 14 or above, because some people coming to your blog may not have perfect eyesight.


5. Create Content That Serves A Need

Now some common mistake I see most bloggers make is that they actually make content on what they want to share and not necessarily on content that fit the demand of their audience. So your job as a blogger is to identify what are the kinds of content you should blog about that will help your readers, or you can simply do keyword research, you can use a free tool such as Keysearch and actually identify the keyword volume or the number of people checking on that keyword every single month.

The best keyword for you would be those that are high in keyword volume but low in competition the reason why you want to find keywords that have a high volume but low competition is because when you’re just starting out, your blog isn’t strong as other blogs that have been around for years and years and may have a lot more authority than your blog. This means when you’re starting out your best chance to actually rank on-site like Google is to make sure you pick a keyword idea and topics which have is high in demand but not necessarily the most competitive ideas.


6.  Drive Traffic To Your Blog

Traffic is the lifeline of an online business, the more people know about your blog and visit your blog the higher your chances of making money on that blog in the long run.

Now there are many ways you can drive traffic to your blog

          i.       Through social media platforms like

·        Facebook

·        Instagram

·        Twitter

·        LinkedIn


       ii.       Through search engines like

·        Goggle webmaster tools

·        Yandex webmaster tools

·        Bing webmaster tools

·        Youtube

·        Pinterest

7. Build Your Email List

An email list is a group of people who not only care about what you do but like you so much that they actually give you their email address to stay in touch. Now when you think about an email list you want to think about a list of the audience who are interested in your niche as well as what you have to say.

Many bloggers don’t pay attention to their email list and I think that’s a big mistake to make, the reason you want to have an email list is that a lot of visitors might actually just visit your blog once and never come back to it again. When it comes to making money blogging an email list could be a great asset to you. The reason why an email list can be extremely profitable is that you have a way to directly reach your audience by sending them messages in their inbox.

There are a lot of free tools you can use to build your email list but I highly recommend this:

            ·     Mailchimp 

            ·     Convertkit


8. Start With Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is when you promote someone else’s product or service on your blog and you get a small commission each time a visitor from your blog buys that product or service.

Affiliate marketing can be a great place for you to start making money on your blog because you don’t need to invest anything and you can get started even if you just have 5-10 blog posts. The easiest way for you to start is by using Amazon Associates because most people around the world mostly use Amazon to make purchases and that can be a great and easy way for you to get started. Some other affiliate marketing platforms you can actually join include:

·  Flexoffers

·  Rakuten

·  Cj affiliate

·  Shareasale


9. Monetize with an ad network

Ad revenue is heavily dependent on how much traffic you have because if your audience is very small is going to be very hard to make any money using these methods. Joining an ad network is a more passive way you can make money with your blog. There are many ad networks but I recommend you sign up for Google AdSense.

But keep in mind the more traffic that you have the more money you will be able to make. Do ensure to check out Google's requirement for AdSense Approval. And I must warn you Google take their policy very seriously, violet any of it and you will be banned from Google AdSense, ensure you check out this article on how to avoid Google AdSense Banned.


So there you have it that’s How To Launch A Successful Blog.

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