Best Email Marketing Software

Are you interested in building starting up and Email marketing business but don’t know which software to use? Not to worry cause in this article today we will be looking at the best email marketing software you can use.

Am going to be giving you the different email marketing software that I recommend, we’re going to be looking at Five (5) different email service providers including both free and paid options.


Best Email Marketing Software

What Are Email Marketing Software?

Email marketing software is an application that allows email marketers to create, plan, implement and track or monitor email marketing campaigns performance. It also comes with email builders, email planning structures, and email campaign automation tools to make more efficient operations.

This as well can help you accomplish greater outcomes like customer trust, increase your brand awareness, and boost sales growth.

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Types of Email Marketing Software

There are many types of email marketing software out there but I will be Five (5) of the very best email marketing software:

1.     ActiveCampaign

2.     Constant Contact

3.     GetResponse

4.     Converkit

5.     Mailchimp



1. ActiveCampaign

Ranking #1 on this list is ActiveCampaign; this software plays a key role. With Analytical Engagements, ActiveCampaign replies tough questions about your customers to automatically take action for you and lead them down the sales channel.

ActiveCampaign have some exceptional aspects that we won’t find with other service providers, which are the personal consultation call and the spam analyzing tool.

ActiveCampaign has a mobile application for checking your report, tracking customer activity, and access your CRM. It doesn’t have an editor, so the mobile application functions mainly as an information tool.



ActiveCampaign have added machine learning features for sending emails and creating exceptional content.

It has other features like drag and drops design tools, opt-in forms, dynamic content options, social media integrations, and email marketing automation tools.

ActiveCampaign also offers chat up and email support in the course of business hours. The phone support option becomes accessible with higher plan tiers.



The prices are based on the account features and the size of your email list.

1.     Lite: $9/month

2.     Plus: $49/month

3.     Professional $129/month

4.     Enterprise: $229/month

ActiveCampaign plans come with a 14-day free trial with some restricted features.


2. Constant Contact

Constant Contact has been in the email marketing business since 1995, as specified on their website, the company’s ultimate goal is to help small businesses navigate the promise, power, and potential of the web.



Constant Contact service providers have all the features needed to build an operational email marketing campaign, their advanced features are only available with the higher plan tiers. So, ensure you pick the right plan with your desired features.

Constant Contact has unlimited emails you can send with the drag and drop design tools features, mobile-responsive emails, list segmentation for targeted emails, personalized emails, and email automation abilities.

They have customer support and live chat, and they have a wide information base with bonus marketing articles you can check out.

Constant Contact plans also have web hosting. You can build a website, landing pages, or even eCommerce sites.



1.     Email: $20/month

2.     Email Plus: $45/month

Constant Contact also offers a 60-days free trial without adding a credit card. You’re limited to 100 contacts for the duration of the trial period, but it still gives you a safe chance to test their service.


3. GetResponse

GetResponse is an online email marketing platform that will help you grow your business. It offers email marketing campaigns, high-converting landing pages, and webinar software.

GetResponse also gives you access to thousands of free stock photos and an integrated shutter stock gallery. However, this is not free; you can buy the image you want after previewing it in the editor. It doesn’t have an internal image editor, so when you upload your image, make ensure you have edited it already.

Once you have created your email, you will be redirected to the summary page. Here you can name your campaign, write the subject line, and add your email beneficiaries. Most of these options open a pop-up window and don't redirect you to another page unless you want to repeat the editing part.

GetResponse has a mobile application that lets you access information, create emails, and manage your contacts. However, the email editor in the mobile application is inadequate. The customization and personalization options are minimal, and you can only create text-based emails.



GetResponse centres mainly on webinars and eCommerce sites. With the starter plan, you get tools for both, that doesn't mean that this service won't work with other businesses.

The pricing ideal is based on the number of subscribers; you can send an unlimited number of emails to your email list. The other key features include a drag and drop email design tool, mobile-friendly emails, dynamic content based on customer segmentation, and automated email options for bloggers.

GetResponse customer support is available 24/7 via live chat and email, which is mainly supportive if you're new to email marketing. If you opt for a custom plan, you also get phone support, a relaxed channel alternative, and a committed support representative.



GetResponse price is based on the number of subscribers you have on your list. You can get the best prices with a 2-year guarantee.

1.     Basic: $8.93/month

2.     Plus: $29.16/month

3.     Professional: $58.91/month

4.     Max: Custom Pricing

GetResponse does not have a refund policy with their paid plans, but you can try out their service for 30-days for the duration of the trial period.  And you don’t have to add your credit card.


4. Converkit

Convertkit offer good-looking forms, increase conversion rates with automated emails, and organize your subscribers to get the best out of their engagement.

Convertkit is mainly for bloggers who want to send personalized, text-based emails; their designs look like Gmail.

Convertkit also offers advanced email sequences based on website actions and schedules within emails. Their advanced activates make for some outstanding list division options.


Convertkit feature list is distinctive for an email marketing service. Convertkit makes it a point to help you grow and even offers a stylish course on how to create and launch your email marketing campaigns.
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You'll be able to send an unlimited amount of emails to your subscribers using Convertkit. Other features include email automation options, personalized content, sign-up form creation, tag-based customer segmentation, and more than 70 integrations with different third-party applications.

Convertkit customer support is available on live chat during business hours. And you can also create an email ticket to contact support outside of those hours. With the paid plans, you get advanced support features, like premium and priority support.



Convertkit has both free and paid plans, it’s also a great choice for bloggers focused on building high converting sales channel.

1.     Creator: $29/month

2.     Creator pro: $59/month

Convertkit offers 14-days for the duration of the trial period, paid plans up to 35,000 subscribers. If you have more than that, you qualify for a personalized demo from the company.




5. MailChimp

Mailchimp is one of the major email marketing platforms with over 1 billion emails sent every day and over 14 million customers as of 2017.

Mailchimp free plan includes auto responders, transactional emails, analytics, and lots of third-party integrations. They have a free Mailchimp application for iPhone and Android.

Mailchimp charge based on the size of your email list, so if you go over the threshold of 2,000, you join their 2,000-2,500 plans at $30/month.

Mailchimp has a mobile application. You can access performance information, add email contacts, and create landing pages and emails with editing options.



Mailchimp has all the features that are required for running a successful email campaign.

The main features of Mailchimp email marketing tools are the drag and drop design tools, customer segmentation options, dynamic content, email automation, sign-up forms, and 200+ integrations with social media and other applications.

Mailchimp 24/7 email and live chat support are available with the paid plans, and you get additional phone support with the highest plan tier. You get 30-days email support when signing up with either the free plan or any paid plans.



1.     Premium: $299/month

2.     Standard: $14.99/month

3.     Essentials: $9.99/month

Mailchimp don’t offer a free trial for any of their paid plans. And there is no refund guarantee.


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