How To Build An Email List For Free

Everyone around the world talks about building and email list, they tell you that you need an email list to run a successful business or to make money and I absolutely agree with all of that but how do you actually, build an email list, how do you get people on an email list, how do you make sure it makes you money, how do you get people there who want to buy from you. That’s what we are going to talk about in this article.


How To Build An Email List For Free

The strategy for building an email list is not hard, knowing what to do is not hard at all and we will be looking at that today. The main problem there is sometimes people give up too quickly when they’re doing the things we’re going to talk about.


These strategies I will be showing trust me it works, the problem we be if you’re not doing the right one for your type of business and the right one for your type of audience and have some patience nobody builds ten thousand person email list in a week, nobody builds a one hundred thousand person email list in six months it just doesn’t happen unless you have an audience to throw towards it already which if you do is going to be great. But you can also build your email list at the same time you’re building your audience.

How do you actually build it? Now if you’re still talking about what an email marketing list is or why is it important do ensure to check out this post: How To Start Email Marketing Business


1. Offer Freebies:

If you’re already creating YouTube content or blog content or whatever kind of contents your creating, go-ahead to offer freebies that are an added bonus to that content that people will want when they’re consuming that content.

So create that accompany the content your already putting out, if you’re doing a piece of content and there is like an extra strategy to do it or there is like a checklist that could go along with it that is a great place to insert freebies into your existing content.

In general, what this look like is I’m going to offer someone a PDF to go along with the podcast episode that I just did so in the podcast episode I say visit this link to grab this free PDF.  I have then created a PDF in canva or word that I want to give away and then I set it up with my email marketing system to where there is a form that once someone fills out the form they will get the freebie that is how they will get on your email list. You have to give them something helpful in other to have them on your email list, so giving freebies is probably one of the easiest ways to build an email list for free.


2. Host Free Event:

Event like webinars or challenges or any type of event which is an easy way to also build your email list for free and also build your income kind of simultaneously, so if you want to sell a product  or sell a course instead of saying hey it’s for sale, you might want to consider hosting a webinar or a challenge or any type of online event that is going to give away free information which they will have to sign up for that with their email address that goes in your email list situation so you have now build your email list, they come to your event you give the free information and in these instances, you can sell from that webinar or challenge.

So hosting webinars or challenges is a really great way to build your email list as well as giving away free products so you can also host webinars challenges whenever to just build your email list.


These strategies really work in building an email list for free, so I highly recommend you do them. And if you have any specific Email list building questions or strategy for sure leave them in the comments below.

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