How to Flash Nokia C01 Plus

Having issues with your Nokia C01 Plus smartphone you might want to consider flashing it. Flashing is another way you can resolve problems on your smartphones.

How to Flash Nokia C01 Plus

Note: This flashing method is for Nokia C01 Plus users only but you can as well attempt any other strategies, and please ensure you have a well-functioning MTK USB driver installed, and also a good Nokia C01 Plus stock ROM downloaded.

Why You Might Consider Flashing Your Nokia C01 Plus Smartphone

1.     Forgotten password or pattern

2.     Blank Screen

3.     Virus Issues

4.     Nokia C01 Plus Bootloop  Issues

5.     And any other issues


How To Flash Nokia C01 Plus With A Flash Tool

Note: Before you start ensure you have backup any and all important files or document and make sure the phone is fully charged to avoid any problems during this flashing process.

Step 1:  You will need the following item to get started with

1.     Download the Nokia C01 Plus Scatter File (Stock ROM/firmware) from any trusted website.

2.     Download and Install SP Flash Tools and MTK USB Driver Pack

3.     And you will also need a USB Cable

Note: After you must have finished with step 1 ensure you remove your Sim Card & Memory card before you proceed to step 2


Step 2: Connect your Phone to your computer using the USB Cable

1.     Open the SP Flash Tools

2.     Click the download tab on the SP Flash Tool software and then click “Scatter-loading”

Note: you will be redirected to file Explorer.

3.     Locate the Nokia C01 Plus Stock ROM folder you downloaded

4.     Open it an locate the Scatter.txt, select and click open

5.     Now click the download icon above to start the flashing process

Note: You will have to wait for a while till the download is done, do not unplug your phone from the USB when the download is going on.

6.     When the download is done close SP Flash Tool and unplug the phone.


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