How To Start Email Marketing Campaign

In this article, we are going to look at how to start an email marketing campaign and I will be sharing 10 email campaign ideas so if you have ever struggled trying to think about what email to send out to your email subscribers then this post is for you.


How To Start Email Marketing Campaign

1. How are you going? 

What this means is simply asking your subscribers in the subject line of the email how are you going with a question mark in the body of the email you want to keep it short and open-ended so what have done here you can see how you’re going in your business you can also make this more specific to your product like how you’re going with using XYZ widget or whatever your product name is.

This is a powerful email that sounds personal it is open ended and gets them to respond and shows that you’re willing to offer some help in addition, you’re also gathering valuable feedback that you can use to then improve your product or service.


 2. Lessons Learned

Whether it’s in your life personal life or in business or whatever your industry may be so you can simply share five lessons I learned about email marketing business or five lessons I learn about growing a YouTube channel, whatever it might be that is an email campaign you can share that sounds personal and gets high engagement rates.


3. Let’s Connect

As the title suggests what you’re going to do is to share your social Media handles so whether you’re on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn share those handles with your subscribers so then they can stay up to date with you your news and updates.


4. Direct Promotion

Doing a direct promotion for your product or a product that you’re an affiliate or you could share a discount coupon or a limited-time sale for your product or service, there’s really no rule as to how often you can do these promo emails but of course there is a fine line but if they did subscribe for discounts and alert of new products and services then they’re probably going to expect it, however, if they did initially subscribe for your tips and newsletter then sending promos every single day may burn them out and that’ll lead to unsubscribing.


5. Share That One Thing

Whether it’s one hack, one tip or one secret to perhaps shortcutting something then that’s what you want to share in your email campaign, so for instance you can share that one thing that’ll speed up your website or that one hack that’s going to double your productivity.


6. What Is Your Most Burning Questions?

Simply asking them what is your most burning question about blank, fill in the blanks and whatever that may be, so what is your most burning question about building an email list or best email marketing software whatever it might be.

7. News & Update

Sharing news and update around your industry or even your product or service what features are you going to release in the near future or what features have you already released that you want to announce that is the type of email you can send out to your email subscribers.


8. How-to

Share how-to emails that are in the same subject line with your niche to your subscribers, so all you need to do is to outline these steps on how to actually get a particular result.


9. FAQ

Another email campaign you can do is FAQ, so gather some frequently asked questions around your industry or around product or service and then list them down and answer them in your next email campaign, this type of email, campaign does work particularly well if you are doing some sort of product launch.

Because a lot of the times people don’t buy on the first exposure or the first time they see your product launch they may see it on the second or third go but this email campaign does serve as another way for those who are sitting on the fence or haven’t yet made a decision to buy by laying and answering those question in your email you’re going to make those who are more hesitant to then make a decision to buy.


10. Case Studies

The final email campaign idea that I have for you is to do a case study, do you have satisfied customers or someone who’s used your product or services why not share that case study or gather that case study from that user and then you can share that in your email campaign because is so much more believable coming from an actual user than you talking about your own product or services.




If you are going to create any of these email campaigns then be sure to add it permanently to your automation or your email sequence of course if you do have something that’s not evergreen and something that is limited so let’s say a promo or a limited time sell you know obviously you don’t want to add that to your email sequence.


Alright there you have it hope this article on how to start email marketing campaign and the 10 ideas giving to you spark some inspiration for your next email marketing campaign. And if you have any specific way on how to start email marketing campaign questions or strategy for sure leave them in the comments below.

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