How To Start Email Marketing

One of the most overlooked pieces of strategy and pieces of the business building that I think there is in the world, one of the things that not enough people teach or talk about is email marketing, if you want to grow your business you need to be diving deep into email marketing strategy so today am going to look at how to start email marketing from a beginner’s level.


How To Start Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing?  

Email marketing is basically a way to cultivate ideal clients who should want what you have to sell and then using email as a way to market your product or services and sell them.

Email marketing is probably the most important thing you need in your business, why? Because the people on your email list have opted in to be there they have taken more of a step than just hitting follow on Instagram or Facebook by giving you their email address.
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What You Need When Starting Email Marketing

When starting and Email marketing you need just two things:

1.     The Tech &

2.     The Strategy


1. The Tech

You need to have a software to host your email list, a lot of times especially when am talking to people who aren’t familiar at all with email list building concept they think that they need a spreadsheet with email address in it and they will like to email those people from their Gmail.

That is not what you’re going to do, what you need is a software so when you want to promote a freebie that’s is going to grow your email list or you want to sell something it will automatically capture those email address and put them in a series of people within the software, so when you want to send an email you can do it from within the software.

When you want to talk to some people who signed up with a different freebie you can filter them out within the software so first and foremost you need to pick a good software.

Nowadays a lot of software starts out free and that’s really awesome there are definitely some that don’t and are really complicated but what I would suggest to you is that you use Convertkit.
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Why You Should Use Convertkit

Convertkit it’s easy to use, it great for beginners and really great for people who want to create content and then use that content to sell things. So if I was going to pick I would pick Convertkit. It also has a free account plan where you can start free if you have under a certain amount of subscribers.


2. The Strategy: 

Now that you have figure out the tech aspect of email marketing let’s look at the strategy behind email marketing. Your email list is a place you need to take advantage of and nurture your subscribers; you should use your email list as a way for your subscribers to get to know you on a deeper level before trying to push sales on them.

You should give them at least 80% helpful free information at a time and sell to them 20% at a time, you shouldn’t be selling 80% and giving them 20% because they can just unsubscribe and leave. You should learn how to treat the people on your email as if you are dating them.

Email marketing at first is not a fast track to sales but once you have the system setup it is a fast track to nurturing your subscribers by building trust and getting them to know you which you will then be able to sell to them 20% at a time.
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What Should I Do When Starting An Email List?

You need to write an Emails like you’re writing them to a friend, it doesn’t need to be corporate emails they don’t need to be loaded with photos and that’s another one of the reasons I really enjoy Convertkit because they don’t really have their software set up to load many photos and make it look like one of those promo emails because they know that it decreases open rates and delivery rates.

You need to send them an email once or twice a week and in those emails you want to give them helpful information’s that are going to help them on their journey, so if they are subscribers learning to home school then send them information and ways that you can help them do that if they are subscribers who are lovers of home decoration or fashion send them an email teaching them something every week or showing them a strategy to improve their fashion or home decoration lifestyle.

And once you build a relationship with people then sell to them, by pitching them your services or your product. This will look like building your email list and only sending out promo emails every few months.

So email marketing should not be full of photos that are just promoting your product and you don’t care about the person on the other end and all your ever doing is selling, it should be a way to nurture your subscribers to get to know you better so when you’re ready to sell to them they are ready to buy.

So that’s really as far as how to start email marketing. You need to know what software you want to use and you need to know how to strategically get people on the list but also what to do with them once they get there.

And if you have any specific Email marketing questions or strategy for sure leave them in the comments below. And also ensure to follow the links on the post above to get more insight into Email marketing.