How to Bypass iCloud Activation Lock on Apple iPhone SE (2020)

Apple has been the very best when it comes to securing its device and the Apple iPhone SE (2020) is one of Apple’s smartphones that have these awesome features.

The iCloud activation lock on Apple iPhone SE (2020) secures your phone and also tracks it when it’s stolen or lost. Ok, it wasn’t stolen or lost but it’s being passed on to a friend or family member without the owner removing his/her iCloud activation lock settings.


What is iCloud Activation Lock?

iCloud Activation Lock is a set up on apple that helps secure your device when lost or stolen and makes it useless by anyone else other than you, and can be set up with an iCloud Account.


 How to Setup iCloud Activation Lock

1.     Go to settings and scroll down to iCloud on your Apple iPhone SE (2020).

2.     If you don’t have and iCoud account ensures you create one.

3.     Under the iCloud section on your phones settings scroll down to Find My Apple iPhone turn that option on.

4.     That’s all. You have successfully turned on iCloud Activation Lock on your Apple iPhone SE (2020).



How to Bypass Activation Lock on your Apple iPhone SE (2020)

1.     Locate the settings option on Apple iPhone SE (2020).

2.     Next, scroll down to iCloud menu, and locate Find My Apple iPhone.

3.     Now, tap the off option to turn it off.

4.     That’s all. You have successfully deactivated iCloud Activation Lock.

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