Top 10 Auto Insurance Companies In USA

Top 10 Auto Insurance Companies In USA

There are many Insurance companies out there that offer Auto Insurance. It is important to find the best Auto Insurance Company for your needs.

In this article, we have compiled a list of top 10 Auto Insurance Companies in USA so you can compare them side by side and choose the one that suits you!


What is Auto Insurance?

Auto Insurance is a form of insurance that provides protection against vehicle-related accidents. Auto Insurance companies reward policyholders for safe driving, and they also provide compensation if the insured driver has an accident or their property gets damaged by incidents involving you as a driver.


Here Are The Top 10 Auto Insurance Companies In USA

            1.       State Farm

            2.       Geico

            3.       Progressive

            4.       Allstate

            5.       USAA


            6.       Liberty Mutual

            7.       Farmers

            8.       Nationwide

            9.      American Family

            10.    Travelers


1. State Farm: State Farm Insurance, founded in 1922 is an American Insurance company that offers Auto Insurance. It has over 18 thousand agents and 70 million customers across the US. Their headquarters are located in Bloomington, Illinois, and United States. They offer a wide range of insurance options designed to meet the demands and needs of their customers. So you can trust that your Insurance policy is in good hands!

2. Geico: Geico Insurance was established by Leo Goodwin Sr. in 1936 as Government Employees Insurance Company (GEICO).  Their headquarters are located in Chevy Chase, Maryland, and United States, It provides Auto Insurance to approximately 27 million customers with its fleet of approximately 24 thousand employees working from more than one hundred offices nationwide. Their claim process tends to be simple and straightforward, even for Insurance that wasn't purchased through GEICO.

3. Progressive: Progressive Insurance was founded back in 1937. It is the third largest Insurance provider of Auto Insurance policies. Their headquarters are located in Mayfield, Ohio, and United States. The company also provides home insurance and business insurance services. The Company offers many benefits like Accident Forgiveness Program for good drivers, Discounts on bundling insurance policies, Options to pay premiums monthly or quarterly (through Bill Pay Service), etc.

4. Allstate: Allstate Insurance is a National Insurance brand in America that was established back in 1931 and today it has more than 17 thousand agents helping over 16 million policyholders across the country. Their headquarters are located in Northfield Township, Illinois, and United States. Allstate Insurance provides Auto Insurance coverage for people of all ages and levels of driving experience.

5. USAA: USAA was founded back in 1922, This Insurance Company specializes in military Insurance, and so if you are a member of the armed forces or have family members who serve, then they can provide coverage for you at competitive rates. Their headquarters are located in San Antonio, Texas, and United States. They may be lacking certain services that other Auto Insurance companies offer - like roadside assistance and rental reimbursement - but their focus on service makes up for it!

6. Liberty Mutual: It was founded back in 1912. The organization is one of the world's leading insurers that offer individual & commercial property & casualty lines such as Auto Insurance policies for individuals, families, small businesses, and large corporations throughout the United States. Their headquarters is located in Boston, Massachusetts and United States.

Liberty Mutual Insurance currently has assets worth more than $500 billion and Insurance premiums worth over $200 billion.


7. Farmers: Farmers insurance founded in 1928 is one of the Insurance companies in America. With a well-established presence across many states and with around 18,000 employees, Farmers Insurance Group offers Auto Insurance coverage that includes liability protection for passengers or drivers at no additional charge when you add comprehensive coverage’s to your car insurance policy.

Farmers Insurance Group currently has assets worth over $30 billion and Insurance premiums worth over $60 billion. They have Commercial Insurance, Personal Insurance for individuals as well as a division that provides Insurance coverage to small businesses in the USA. The company headquartered is located in Los Angeles, California in United States of America and has about 18 thousand employees worldwide. With a revenue stream of more than 60 billion, the Insurance Group is one of the most successful Insurance companies in America.

8. Nationwide: Nationwide insurance founded in 1925, is one of the largest Insurance companies in United States. The company offers Auto Insurance to customers throughout the country and has over 12 million insured drivers.

The Nationwide Insurance Company provides Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, and Life Insurance services. The company has a large number of satisfied customers all over the United States of America which is why it is considered one of the best Auto Insurance companies in USA.

9. American Family: American Family Insurance is an American private mutual company founded in 1927 it focuses on property, casualty, and auto insurance, and it also offers commercial insurance, life, health, and homeowner’s coverage as well as investment and retirement-planning products.

The company headquartered is located in Madison, Wisconsin, and United States.

10. Travelers: This is an American insurance company. It was founded in 1853 it is one of the largest writers of U.S. commercial property-casualty insurance, and the sixth-largest writer of U.S. personal insurance through independent agents.

Travelers insurance Protect your personal and business investments from auto insurance to homeowners or business insurance. The company headquartered is located in New York, New York, and United States.

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