Sport News: Why I left France for Senegal - Koulibaly


Sport News: Why I left France for Senegal - Koulibaly

Chelsea FC defender Kalidou Koulibaly has revealed why he chose Senegal over France.

He says that the Lions of Teranga "was waiting for me."

Although he grew up in France, Koulibaly never forgot his African heritage and eventually chose his parents' homeland.

It was a big decision because I could have played for the French national team, but at 23 or 24 I chose Senegal because it was waiting for me.

"I talked to the coach, he motivated me and gave me good reasons to come here, and I also talked to my family. They told me I had to do what I wanted, but when I told them I wanted to play for the Senegalese national team, I saw the light in their eyes and knew it was a good decision.

"When I arrived and saw the other players, it was like they were my family because we were used to eating the same food and speaking the same language, so it was like home for me! I said to myself, 'Why didn't I come before? They are like my brothers.'"

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