Why I'm often misunderstood by people - Burna Boy

Why I am often misunderstood by people - Burna Boy

Grammy award winner Damini Ogulu, well known as Burna Boy, said that he is often misunderstood by people and that he uses his music to give people a better image of him.

In a recent interview with the British magazine "Dazed", the 31-year-old singer said that many people do not understand him because he has never given the public a chance to know and understand his personality.

The self-proclaimed "African giant," who leads a quiet life and talks mostly about his career and performances on local and international stages, said he has tried to use his latest album, "Love, Damini," to give people a glimpse into his life.

He said, 

"I tend to be misunderstood, and the reason is that I never really gave anyone a chance to know who I am, and that's what I tried to do."

"I tried to use this album to give people a chance to get closer to me."

"My music will be there long after I'm gone, even after my children's children are gone. It is a stamp in time for those who have a reality like mine," he said.

"Whatever I say, even if it is the truth, you will twist it."

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