MTN Foundation committed to innovative solutions

MTN Foundation committed to innovative solutions

MTN Foundation Executive Secretary Odunayo Sanya has said that MTN remains committed to driving innovation at all levels.

Speaking at the concluded Alliance for African Partnership (AAP) event in Abuja, Odunayo spoke about the role of the private sector in facilitating change, saying the private sector is aware of its advantages and, more importantly, its responsibility to drive innovation. She reiterated MTN's belief that everyone deserves the benefits of modern, connected life to empower people and connect them to their dreams.

She emphasized the importance of creating inclusion at all levels, including outside the classroom, as we strive to solve these problems.

Odunayo stated, "We need to encourage a little more unstructured innovation. We need to drive innovation at all levels, not everyone is going to end up within the four walls of a university. And just because someone doesn't end up in a university doesn't mean they can't create innovation. I think we need to be able to drive innovation at different levels.

Beyond academia, Odunayo sees the need to teach skills to the recipients of the scholarships the foundation supports, which is very important. She also said that university curricula are somewhat inadequate.

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