My body is 100% natural, completely organic" - Angela Eguavoen

My body is 100% natural, completely organic" - Angela Eguavoen

Actress Angela Eguavoen has revealed how she manages to stay erect without being aroused while playing some sensitive roles in movies.

In an interview, the Edo State-born actress also revealed that her curvy body is natural and organic, despite all the speculations that she has undergone plastic surgery.

Commenting on her enviably curvy body, Angela Eguavoen said, "My body is 100 percent natural. Completely organic. It's always funny when I hear people say I 'bought' it. I just smile and walk away."

About film roles, Angela Eguavoen said, "I literally give everything to every role I play. I dive deep into the life and essence of the character. Also, I'm pretty easy to work with as an actor. I always keep in mind that it's not my reality, especially when it comes to sex, romance, and kissing. So you don't start developing feelings for the wrong person, because at the end of the day it's really just about the work, with no commitments. Also, in most cases, the actors involved in the romantic scene aren't even my species, and even if they are, I just know it's work. Even though there's a lot of physical contacts and a lot of kissing, as a professional you can't get aroused."

"So I try my best not to get aroused or excited in any way when I'm doing scenes like this. There are so many people watching on set. The crew members and the co-stars are watching, so you can't even get in the mood to be aroused. It's always about work and putting your energy into the character. If my character is Sonia at that moment when the person kisses me or touches me, I'm Sonia, and as soon as I hear "Cut!" I literally jump back into the role of Angela. That's actually how it works."

When asked what kind of man she would like to see, Angela Eguavoen listed qualities she looks for in her potential husband.

"What I want is a good man with a very good heart. The fact that he is dark, tall, and handsome is an added advantage," she enthused.

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