Nancy Isime gives Her Father a 6-room apartment

Nancy Isime gives Her Father a 6-room apartment

For the beautiful actress and TV presenter, this is her biggest dream come true, and we are happy for her.

Nollywood actress and TV presenter Nancy Isime have built a six-bedroom house for her father and his family.

The actress uploaded pictures of the house and expressed her joy for finally completing it and handing over the keys to her family on Monday, December 19, when she made this announcement on her Instagram page.

Nancy revealed that this is one of her biggest dreams, and she is happy that it is finally coming true.

She wrote, "Yesterday one of my biggest dreams came true. I walked my dad and his family into their fully finished, six-bedroom furnished home, and it made my heart so happy. I've been working on it for years, and I'm glad I was finally able to finish it and hand over the keys. We also had a housewarming party with neighbors, friends, and relatives, which was also part of my 31st birthday celebration. Birthday was. When I saw everyone congratulating my dad with hugs and cheers, I had to grin from ear to ear.

The actress shared that it was also a way to thank her father for letting her leave home every day at the age of 17 to follow her dreams and become a fully independent woman.

"When I asked him how he felt, he said, "This has added many more years to my life," among many other heartwarming words. "This is also a way to thank my father for letting his 17-year-old daughter leave home every day to follow her dreams and become a fully independent woman," the television host wrote.

Concluding her caption, Isime explained that she could not be more grateful to God.

"When I was 19, I told Him that I was ready to live on my own, and even though He had reservations, He let me, trusting that I would not bring shame to the family." 13 years later, I am glad that I can also fulfill one of his dreams. "I prayed, imagined, and made that day a reality, and I couldn't be more grateful to God."

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